Bechstein Pianos

Bechstein is one of the leasing piano manufacturers in Germany, and they have been since 1853. The Bechstein piano was originally created in Berlin by Carl Bechstein. He was a pianist who learned piano in countries like England and France. He filled a large demand in Germany by creating a high-quality piano.


Both of the World Wars made the Bechstein name suffer greatly. The factory and stores were all destroyed in the Second World War. After that time, the company has to be de-Nazified before they began to start producing pianos again. They started to see success again when the Berlin Wall came down. They opened up a new factory to keep up with production.


The Bechstein company has four brands that they oversee: Zimmerman, W. Hoffmann, Bechstein, and C. Bachstein. Each brand they manage has their own benefits and features.


The two types of pianos Bechstein mainly makes are upright pianos and grand pianos. These pianos have a very classic style. They produce a sound that equals other manufacturers that are the top of the line.


The other type of piano that they produce is the Artcase piano. Artcase pianos have always been extremely popular. This is thanks to the highly detailed pieces of art that decorate them. Many of these pianos have hand painted detailing, gold decorations, and intricate carvings. These pianos can be seen in grand mansions and royal palaces.


Bechstein creates some of the best quality pianos out on the market. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a reliable instrument to learn on or an experienced player who is looking for a good-looking design, Bechstein can be trusted to deliver.

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