Tips for Piano Beginners

Learning piano can be a hard experience for those just starting out. You may feel like you’re missing something. You may get frustrated when your practicing but things still aren’t going right. These road bumps don’t mean that you should quit trying. You just need to develop techniques and methods to help your development.


Work on Music You Like

When you practice from a learner’s book, you’ll eventually end up practicing music that you’re not that into. It can be hard to get through music that you find boring. It’s because of that reason that you focus on pieces that you enjoy more. Maybe, you’ll find appreciation for the original piece later on.


Expand Your Appreciation of Music

Listening to more music can help you grow as a pianist. Expanding your music taste can also help you learn to enjoy different players, styles, and composers. It can inspire you to keep going.


Develop Your Musical Ear

Piano players that have a good musical ear are able to learn without the help of sheet music. They can dissect how another pianist is playing a piece and learn from it. Once you learn to read sheet music, it’s super easy to understand. Learning by ear, on the other hand, takes time and patience, but will make you a better piano player.


Focus on The Fundamentals

Before you go on to new and more exciting techniques, it’s important that you’ve mastered the fundamentals. Skills such as reading, keyboard technique, and basic rhythm are always worth revisiting and practicing. These skills will serve you well and keep learning the piano enjoyable.

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